About CB3 Fabrication

CB3 Fabrication came into existence to provide a product for Miata enthusiasts. Before the company came the idea of providing an aftermarket hardtop option for the 4th generation (ND) Mazda MX-5 Miata.

CB3 Fabrication set out to develop a hardtop that was aesthetically pleasing, able to accommodate a motorsports-grade roll bar, and have a near OEM fit and finish.

All of our products are handmade in the USA

Photo Credit: RevLimiter

The Origin Story

The origins of CB3 Fabrication date back to 2018 when the founder, Collin, was dissatisfied with the hardtop offerings (or lack thereof) for the 4th generation Mazda MX-5 Miata. As a long-time sports car and racing enthusiast and 3rd-time Miata owner, Collin had hoped to turn his newly acquired Miata into a stylish sports car that would feel at home on the road as well as the race track.

At the time Mazda had decided it would not proceed with the development of its own removable hardtop and the only aftermarket option was not suited for motorsports safety cages, nor was it aesthetically pleasing.

The hardtop design began as a 3D CAD model to come up with a style that suited the design language of the Miata.

A few iterations were completed before moving onto the prototyping phase. Using fiberglass and rudimentary tools, Collin built the original prototype for the CB3 Fabrication hardtop on the balcony of his apartment.

Initial Design:

Prototype 2:

The fastback design was abandoned in favor of a more traditional coupe design as it would have been cost-prohibitive to produce and would not be allowed in several of the racing classifications for competing in NASA (National Auto Sport Association) and SCCA (Sport Car Club of America) events.

After completing the initial prototype, Collin teamed up with Advan Carbon (Charge Speed USA) who agreed to use their expertise and years of experience to produce the hardtops once the prototype was completed. 

Shortly after that, Blackbird Fabworx, a well-known fabricator of Miata roll bars and roll cages, began collaborating with Collin to ensure his motorsports-grade GT3 roll bar would work in conjunction with the CB3 Fabrication hardtop without any modification.

The development of the CB3 Fabrication hardtop finally concluded in mid 2021 with FRP and Carbon Fiber option, complete with mounting brackets, polycarbonate windows, and rubber seals to give the top a near OEM fit and finish.

Other Projects

Collin has continued to work on prototypes using CAD, 3D scanning, & 3D printing to work on potential future products. He also hopes to start producing performance and motorsport oriented parts  designed and cut using CNC plasma cutting.

In addition to CB3 Fabrication and working in engineering, Collin continues to develop more Fabrication Skills , and experiment with automotive design and development on his YouTube channel Those Racing Guys